steve-monteSteve is the author of “Catch Your Big Break: 7 Steps To Get The Job You Want And Get Ahead In Your Career.” He currently works as a career strategy and success coach, helping others accomplish their most serious goals. He’s business a owner, public speaker, and manager with years of hiring experience. Many of Steve’s most successful clients are mid-career professionals who land jobs as managers, leaders, and executives in a variety of fields, while learning to maintain the kind of work-life balance that eludes the masses.

Those who work with Steve learn to define success on their own terms, discover their life’s purpose, and get things done for their companies, themselves, and their communities. With more than 15 years of experience in the counseling and coaching industries, Steve brings a wealth of practical knowledge to his work, including the ability to listen intently and give feedback that’s right on target.

Steve received his Master’s degree in Social Work from Indiana University, where he focused in non-profit management and organizational leadership. He is currently licensed as a clinical social worker with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Steve lives in Santa Clara, California with his wife Bethany and their two children, Noah and Naomi. When Steve is not working, he likes to climb mountains, watch sunsets, and listen to waves crash on white, sandy beaches (preferably in foreign countries).

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Melinda_Barrow_Headshot3clargeMelinda is an HR consultant who loves to help others reach their full potential. She believes that each person has something important to offer and enjoys helping people use their strengths for the maximum benefit. Melinda has worked with clients throughout the United States and has a background in health care and finance recruiting. Most recently, Melinda worked on Wall Street, hiring investment bankers and support staff and providing them with human resources counsel. Melinda specializes in showing people how best to communicate with their co-workers, superiors, and future employers. She brings both a recruiting and human resources perspective to resume writing and career path building. Her unique blend of skills makes her an integral part of the team at Catch Your Big Break.

Melinda earned her Master of Arts in Communication from California State University, Fullerton where she taught Intro to Communication Studies and public speaking. Melinda currently lives in New York with her husband Brian, son Corey, and their dog Chase. In her free time, Melinda enjoys singing, taking long walks, and entertaining dinner guests.

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