Why Your Resume Isn’t Working for You

Over the course of my career in Human Resources, I’ve seen roughly 20,000 resumes. I’ve seen some really terrible resumes and I’ve seen some really great resumes. The difference between a great resume and a terrible one, surprisingly, is less about how qualified a candidate is and more about how well the resume is put together. […]

What to Include in Your Cover Letter

In all my experience as a recruiter and career coach, I’ve never once met a candidate who enjoyed writing cover letters. Most job seekers don’t know what the purpose of a cover letter is, so they don’t know how to write one. They’ve also heard rumors that recruiters and hiring managers don’t usually read cover letters, so they focus […]

Lessons I Learned on Wall Street – Part 4: Be Concise

It’s that wonderful time of year…the time when we celebrate the holidays, get together with family, shop, cook, and are downright BUSY. I love the holidays. I really do. I love everything about them except for the busyness. Take a minute and think about how busy your life is right now. Then multiply that by […]

Lessons I Learned on Wall Street – Part 3: Learn When to Say No

One of my jobs on Wall Street was ensuring my firm’s compliance with equal opportunity laws, and it was a big job. The Equal Opportunity Commission was targeting the finance industry big time. It seemed like every time we turned around another one of our competitors was being audited. We were no exception, so we […]

Lessons I Learned on Wall Street – Part 2: Don’t be Afraid to Ask for What You Want

I grew up in a house full of opinionated people. In our house, everyone had an opinion. About everything. And we always shared our opinions. If my sister told me her opinion about something, I would tell her mine and it was a free and clear exchange of ideas. There were six of us, which […]

Lessons I Learned on Wall Street – Part 1: Always Do Your Homework

There’s no place in the world like New York and there’s nothing else quite like working on “Wall Street”. In the finance industry the term “working on Wall Street” doesn’t necessarily mean you work at the stock exchange, rather it refers to working in the broader financial industry. I spent four years working on “The […]

How do I get clarity about my career direction – Step 3: Focusing on the NEXT Step

In our last two blogs, we’ve been talking about finding clarity in your career direction. The first two steps to finding clarity are taking inventory of who you are and doing realistic research. If you’ve missed our previous blogs click here to take a look. Once you’ve completed steps one and two it’s time to […]

How do I get clarity about my career direction? – Step 2: Doing Your Research in Reality

In our last blog, we talked about being intentional in making your career to be exactly what you want it to be.  At Catch Your Big Break we know that getting the career you want always starts with you. The first step to clarifying your career direction is to take inventory of who you are […]