Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

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You’re nearing the end of a grueling hour with a panel of interviewers at your Dream Company.  You think it’s gone pretty well, and you seem to have handled their toughest questions pretty well.  Then, the lead interviewer asks you one last thing.  ”Do you have any questions for us?” You know how important it […]

Career Success Secret #42

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Imagine a simple practice that can have a direct and positive impact on the level of career success you achieve.  This practice has only positive side effects.  (It relieves stress, improves sleep, promotes heart health, and reduces chronic pain, just to name a few).  It’s an activity that can be started for free, requires no […]

The Losing Answer


  Over the course of my management career, I’ve come to value one interview question above the rest due to its ability to tell me so much about the candidate.  I can ask this question of every candidate, regardless of the type of job I’m trying to fill.  The question is: “Why should I hire […]

More Reasons Your Job Search Will Take Longer Than You Think

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Last week’s blog post explained how we’ve done over 100 interviews with job seekers in the last few years, and we’ve developed a good sense about what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to getting hired. We listed 3 reasons why the job search takes longer for some people than they expect. If you […]

3 Reasons Your Job Search Will Take Longer Than You Think

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Imagine that you could interview 100 job seekers to discover what techniques they’ve been using – and what results they’ve gotten – before starting to look for your next job.  You’d have a chance to find out what works, and what doesn’t.  If you spent enough time and paid attention to the detail, you could […]

The Dream Job System vs. A Nightmare

Not long ago, a friend of mine attended a parent meeting for her child’s elementary school class.  The teacher was an experienced educator, probably in her forties, and the room was full of parents who were eager to hear what she had to say.  As the meeting unfolded however, it became clear that the teacher […]

Why You Should Hire An Assistant

I think you should hire an assistant.  While this might sound like bit of a departure from the regular topics we cover here, bear with me.  I’ve had my own assistant for almost two years now, and it’s been a bit of a game changer.  When I bring this up in conversation with clients and […]

Why Your Resume Isn’t Working for You

Over the course of my career in Human Resources, I’ve seen roughly 20,000 resumes. I’ve seen some really terrible resumes and I’ve seen some really great resumes. The difference between a great resume and a terrible one, surprisingly, is less about how qualified a candidate is and more about how well the resume is put together. […]

What to Include in Your Cover Letter

In all my experience as a recruiter and career coach, I’ve never once met a candidate who enjoyed writing cover letters. Most job seekers don’t know what the purpose of a cover letter is, so they don’t know how to write one. They’ve also heard rumors that recruiters and hiring managers don’t usually read cover letters, so they focus […]

Effective Use of Your References

You can dramatically increase your odds of being hired by accurately identifying the people who can best serve as  your references, securing their commitment, preparing them for the reference check process, and using their support strategically in the interview process.  While other candidates are randomly selecting former coworkers to serve as references, you have an […]