Breaking Through

Last week I wrote about the biggest challenge of getting hired: you have to be the single best person for the job.  There really is no reward for second place.  I also proposed that each job-seeker spend less time trying to convince hiring managers that he or she is the best worker, and more time simply working to be different in a positive way.  Here’s another way to make sure you break through to the top.

Take a lesson from neuroscience.  In recent years scientists have actually begun using medical technology – electroencephalography (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) – to study consumer behavior.  The practice has yielded insights into how consumers respond to particular brands, and also how we make buying decisions.

Since getting hired is all about getting a hiring manager to “buy” you and your work, our team here at Catch Your Big Break went to work applying these insights to your job search.  We identified 9 “hiring triggers” that job-seekers can pull when interacting with managers that will dramatically increase the candidate’s odds of getting hired.

For example, managers are much more likely to hire candidates who provide a visual demonstration of the work they do.  However, managers in many fields don’t ask a demonstration; it’s up to the candidate to volunteer it.  One of our clients was an administrative assistant who happened to have volunteered for a project to set up a new automated phone system in the office.  Her voice ended up on the system every caller heard when dialing into the company’s main line.  Furthermore, she helped save the company over $10,000 since management had planned to contract with an outside company to set up the system.  We coached this client to use the story in interviews, and one hiring manager flipped out when he actually dialed candidate’s former employer and heard her voice.  Not surprisingly, she was hired shortly afterwards.

Another client of ours interviewed for a position developing new social programs.  He brought the interviewer a nicely-bound copy of his master’s thesis, a 60-page proposal that he wrote after developing a new social program.  It literally had every detail that would be needed to launch the program:  the staffing plan, budget, technology requirements, marketing, and more.  He got the job.

The other 8 hiring triggers are available, along with a ton of other proprietary secrets, in our Dream Job System.  You can only buy it here, and it won’t be priced this cheaply for long (especially when you consider that others have paid $1,000+ for the same content).  When you click the link, you’ll read a couple of other stories about job search strategy, and you’ll be able to pick which story you want people telling about your career!