I Need To Ace My Next Job Interview

The Problem

5ace-interviewThe news these days is filled with articles about the skills a job seeker must master in order to get hired.  Some offer good pieces of advice, but they all fall short because they fail to give action steps that are detailed enough to make a difference. Nowhere is this more true than in the area of interview skills.

A simple trip to the library will produce books filled with the “right” answers to hundreds of popular interview questions.  These can be helpful, but they’re only part of the solution.  How can you know exactly what to say to the exact person you meet when you get called for an interview?

I Get Tongue-Tied

Many candidates find they have so much to say when they land in the interview chair that it can be hard knowing where to start.  Some get nervous start to stutter.  They start to sweat or feel their stomachs getting tied up in knots, and they know this doesn’t help them make a good impression.  Other candidates say they talk too much.  They ramble on long after they’ve made their point, and they can’t seem to stop until it’s too late.  What’s the solution?

1-2-3 Magic

There are three phases of the perfect interview, and you can learn to master each phase.

Giving a great interview begins long before you arrive on location.  Prepare for an interview by choosing the right clothing to wear, planning for a variety of contingencies, and writing out the points you must make in order to land your dream job.

Perform like a trained professional on the day of your interview by leveraging little-known tips for calming nerves, speaking clearly, and impressing even the toughest interviewer.

aceinterviewLastly, conduct a post-interview debriefing to identify exactly what you learned, how to follow up, and what to change before the next round interview where you’ll impress more decision-makers and seal the deal on your next great job.

Our coaches have experience with all of these phases, and know what it takes to move smoothly through each one to get the job.  They have years of experience giving their own great interviews, impressing bosses, and teaching others to do the same.

Your Next Steps

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