All or Most of These are a Problem for me

The Problem

12all-job-problemsRelax.  You’re not the only one in this situation.  It isn’t uncommon for someone to find Catch Your Big Break and connect with us by saying, “I need a lot of help.  I just don’t know where to start.”  It can be overwhelming to step back and look at the sheer volume of projects and tasks you probably ought to tackle at some point in order to improve yourself.

Everyone Has An Opinion

When you find yourself at this point, you may begin to talk with those closest to you in an effort to find a way forward.  Your closest friends and family members always have an opinion.  After all, they really do want to help.  That’s the real danger, though, isn’t it?  They feel compelled to offer some sort of advice even if they don’t have a clue what to tell you.

Taking Action

Before you act on advice of any kind, consider whether you’re implementing a coherent system for career success, or merely a scattered set of disconnected tactics that may even send you off in multiple directions at the same time.

At Catch Your Big Break, we pride ourselves on two things:

  1. analyzeWe gather, analyze, and disseminate the most relevant research on how to get clarity about your career, find your dream job, and negotiate top-performer pay for doing what you love.
  2. Once we’re clear about the research, we incorporate it into our proven system for career success.  You don’t just get a few tactics.  You learn strategies that have already worked for others, and will work for you too.  Even better, you’ll find that each strategy has step-by-step directions and tactical advice for achieving them.

Your Next Steps

Make sure you start at the right place.  Countless hours of time can be wasted, or saved, based on where you choose to start and which route you take to accomplish your goals.

We recommend that you start with an individual consultation call because this insures that our coaches can see the full scope of your situation before making any recommendations.  Click here to schedule your first session today at a discounted rate.

If you prefer to take a smaller step, and want a chance to observe one of our coaches in action before making a commitment, join one of our “Career Strategy & Job Search Webinar”.  You’ll hear from others who are facing a variety of challenges in their careers, and you’ll be able to listen as they get real, practical solutions.  When you’re ready, chime in with some thoughts or questions of your own.