I’m Later in My Career and Experiencing Age Discrimination

The Problem

OfficeYou’re careful not to list graduation dates on your resume, or include more than 10 years of job history.  You know first-hand that age discrimination exists in most companies, although practically no one is willing to admit it.  Even so, you still find yourself getting the cold shoulder when you arrive at interviews sporting a bit of silver in your hair and a mature demeanor that’s fitting for someone who’s accomplished so much over the years.

They Get Younger Every Time

Why is it that you have to face the interviewer who looks like he or she is half your age?  And why should you have to sell him on the fact that you, as an older worker, are every bit as capable and qualified as your younger coworkers?  After all, your generation invented many of the conveniences that they’re now enjoying, including that cell phone that your interviewer can’t seem to put away.

Taking Action

age-discriminationIt’s time to fight back against the mentality that younger workers are better in any way.  At Catch Your Big Break, we’ve heard all of the arguments.  We teach our clients to anticipate the biases a hiring manager may have, and be proactive in confronting them.  Admit your age (as a ballpark figure), and comment about how you plan to make the last decade or two of your career the most productive.  Know how your salary demands stack up against younger counterparts who are doing the same work, and show why hiring you is a smart financial move.

Are you ready to learn how to fight age discrimination at all stages of the selection process?  Our coaches will show you the exact words to put on your resume (and what to leave out).  They’ll help you prepare for the interview process, perform at your best, and conduct a post-interview debriefing to identify how you’ll move forward.

Your Next Steps

We recommend you schedule a consultation call where you can share with us more about your individual situation and identify specific action steps to address your biggest concerns about age discrimination.  If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, we encourage you to stop by our office in Santa Clara and meet us in person.

Or, if you prefer, join one of our “Career Strategy & Job Search Webinar” where you can hear other clients share their biggest struggles, and learn as they get advice from one of our trained coaches.  When you’re ready, ask a question of your own and we’ll provide a solution that’s right for you.