My Job Search is Not Working. How Do I Get Unstuck?

The Problem

2job-searchPeople get stuck at any number of points along the job search process.  Your situation is unique, and it requires individualized attention so you can get “unstuck” and finally land your dream job.

Some of our clients here at Catch Your Big Break find it’s necessary to start off by getting clarity about what specific type of job they should be targeting.  This may be your situation, or you may know the specific job you want and are simply having trouble getting interviews.  Or maybe you’ve had some interviews, but you don’t get offered the job.

If only …

When you’re stuck, it can be incredibly frustrating.  You may lay awake in bed at night knowing you’re capable of so much more, if only someone will give you a chance.  You may know that you need to do something different, but everything you can think to try produces the same, useless results.

The first steps in getting unstuck are to identify the specific steps you’ve successfully taken, and then get expert help to master the very next step.  Too many job-seekers, after discovering they’re stuck, take a step back and survey the entire process.  They identify possible improvements in their approach at a variety of different points along the way, and implement them all to see if any of them will help.  This only results in a needless waste of time.  It also costs you countless dollars as weeks and months go by and you still haven’t landed that higher paying dream job.

Taking Action

job-searchGetting to this point of clarity is no easy task.  Up to this point, you may have been following the career advice of well-meaning friends, family members, and even so-called experts.  It hasn’t gotten you where you want to go, and now it’s time to find someone who can get you results.

Consider what one of our recent clients said after working with her coach for just a few short weeks:

“You taught me exactly what to expect during the interview, you gave me the words to say, and gave me a level of self-confidence that impressed my new boss. Thanks for helping me land my new job.”

Ann D.
administrative professional
San Francisco Bay Area, CA

The key to writing your own success story, like Ann wrote hers, is to focus first on identifying exact job titles that match your level of experience and will allow you to do work that excites you.  We have specific “strength assessment” tools our clients use to discover work they’ll enjoy, and we can guide our clients through the process of researching particular roles that are right for them.  Later, our coaches provide tactics you’ll use to create a perfect resume, ace your next job interview, and negotiate “top performer” pay after you get offered your dream job.

Your Next Steps

Are you ready to get your job search “unstuck”?  Do you want to know exactly which steps to take (and what advice to ignore) in order to get the results that you’ve been wanting for so long?  Simply fill out the contact form in the top right corner of this page or click here.  You get in touch with your own personal career coach, who will review your situation at no cost.  You can ask the questions on your mind, and hear straight-forward answers about how to get positive results in your career.


Or click here to find out about upcoming “Career Strategy & Job Search Webinar” where you’ll have group Q&A time.  You’ll be able to get your own answers, and hear others get coached about which actions to take as well.