My LinkedIn Profile Needs A Professional Touch

The Problem

8professional-linkedinYour LinkedIn profile just isn’t as high quality as it needs to be for a professional of your caliber.  You hate to think about how many job opportunities it has cost you, because you know recruiters are increasingly using LinkedIn to find top talent.  It could be your virtual business card, your very own webpage for displaying professional accomplishments and marketing your value to those who want to know.  Instead, it’s just a missed opportunity.

I Hate To Say It, But …

In some industries, it just isn’t okay to overlook this item if you want to be taken seriously as a professional.  When people see that you don’t have a picture up on your profile, or you’re only connected to a hundred people, they just think you don’t care.  They worry that you’re not tech savvy, and that you’ll only continue to get further behind the times.  Maybe it isn’t fair, but this is one place where you’re judged by what you didn’t do, rather than any conscious decision you made.  It’s time to get this part of your life under control, and create a professionally designed LinkedIn profile.

The Solution

fix-linkedinOne of our business partners wrote Amazon’s top-ranking book creating amazing LinkedIn profiles.  She’s a certified master resume writer who uses her considerable talent to makeover LinkedIn profiles for CEOs, senior managers, and other important people.  And she put together a step-by-step guide that is almost too easy.  One prospective customer recently told us this book was great, but the content seemed like a no-brainer.  Couldn’t anyone figure out how to implement these fixes in their profile?  Maybe … except that they don’t.  These 18 problems crop up everywhere, and it would take hours upon hours to figure out how to fix each one.  If you didn’t have this book, how much time would you waste trying to get this project done?

At Catch Your Big Break, not only do you get a copy of this book for free with every coaching package you buy, you get your own personal coach to help you figure out where to focus your attention.  We’ve worked with clients to decide exactly what to write on their profiles, how to describe their professional experience, what links to include, and more.

Your Next Steps

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