My Resume Needs Professional Help

The Problem

3professional-resumeYour resume just isn’t up to today’s standards, and you know it.  You’ve tried the “do it yourself” approach and it just didn’t work.  There are so many things to consider.  What size font should I use for my name?  Do I need to include a statement about my professional objectives?  How can I come up with the exact phrases to describe my accomplishments?

Into The Trash Can …

The average recruiter or human resources professional will take 30 seconds to review your resume.  If he or she can’t find the information needed to show that you’re qualified for the job, your chances of getting an interview are doomed.  What’s more, with the invention of applicant tracking systems, your resume may not even be touched by human hands.  The presence or absence of certain keywords may single-handedly determine whether you get a call.  But how do you determine which words to use?  Once you find those words, how do you blend them into your resume so that human readers don’t think your resume was written just to beat a search engine?

The Solution

professional-resumeSelecting a resume writer doesn’t have to be complicated.  For those on a budget, Catch Your Big Break has professionals available to review your resume and give you practical advice about how to improve it.  This can be done at a cost that doesn’t break the bank, and you’ll still be able to get clear, actionable recommendations that will leave your resume in much better shape.

Others will want someone to write their resume for them.  Writers with varying levels of experience are available, including certified master resume writers who command a thousand dollars or more to write resumes for CEOs.

Your Next Step

How Do I Get Clarity about My Career Direction?


The Problem


1career-directionHere at Catch Your Big Break it’s a very common for us to get emails and enquiries from people seeking clarity about their job search.


It’s crucial that you know what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it so that you can accurately realise your goals.


There are many other stages to the job and career process but this one is the most important of all for it will affect the decisions that you make in all other stages of the process.


They Mean Well But…


When you aren’t clear about your career, you may get advice from well-intended friends, co-workers, and even family members. Sometimes the advice is helpful, but most of the time it isn’t. What’s worse, you may feel compelled to take action on some of the advice just to keep the peace in your relationships.


Based on our experience we feel that you should only take career advice from someone who is an expert advisor or a trusted person in your life who has achieved the sort of results that you desire to get.


career-directionFor example… this person could advise you advise you well, but this person could not.


Taking Action


Would you like to stop wasting your time and find answers that really work? The simple steps that we teach at Catch Your Big Break have worked for people just like you, stuck in situations just like yours.


So much so, in fact, that we’ve developed a number of processes that have helped our readers and clients move from being stuck in their heads to taking simple actions that move them forward.


Here’s one example:


“I was about to graduate from college and I wasn’t 100% sure which way to go with my career. I decided to try coaching to see if someone could steer me in the right direction. Steve made it so easy with his “Get To Know Me” session and a copy of his book. Not only did we work together to plan a specific career path, but he brought together all the pieces in my head and gave me a complete system for getting hired to do what I love. The top two companies I was targeting both offered me a job, and I’m still amazed at how well everything came together. His coaching was worth every dollar I paid for it.”

Jose Blanc, Jr. Financial Representative Fidelity Investments


Your Next Steps


Simply fill out the contact form in the top right corner of this page or click here to have us review your situation at no cost.  We’ll offer clear action steps that we can virtually guarantee will get you more interviews and help you land a job you’ll love!  You’ll get the guidance of a professional resume writer, and learn what it takes to create a resume that gets results.