I Need To Use Social Media Better To Get A Job

The Problem

9social-media-job-searchYou’re familiar with LinkedIn and Facebook, and may have even posted a few tweets on Twitter.  You know that social media can be a powerful tool for you to use as you advance your career, but you’re not quite sure how to focus your efforts.  You’ve heard the stories of people finding jobs, creating their own promotions, and making obscene amounts of money with social media.  But that kind of success is elusive.  You know just as many people are wasting hours playing Farmville and liking every status update in their feed.

A Waste of Time

How do you harness the power of social media without throwing hours of your time into a social media campaign that fails to get results?  Can anyone show you a proven strategy that will get you a solid return on your investment?  You’re tired of hearing a bunch of random tactics that are “guaranteed” to help you make it big, only to find that they don’t work nearly as well as advertized.  Aren’t you ready to create a broader social media strategy, and find solid tactics that provide you a tangible return on your investment?

The Solution

Two of the foundational truths we teach our clients here at Catch Your Big Break are these:

  1. social_jobFocus intently on your core audience.  Until you have a crystal clear idea who your core audience is, be very careful how much time (and sometimes money) you invest in social media, or any marketing effort.  Once you’re clear about this, a world of opportunities open up.  Ask yourself first, who are you trying to reach?
  2. Offer a clear call to action.  Countless professionals offer vague comments on social media and wonder why they don’t get results.  Don’t post that you’re “looking for opportunities in the finance industry.”  Instead, write that you’re “interested in meeting up with a CPA from Deloitte. If you know someone, message me here on Facebook.”

Your Next Steps

Social media strategy is a great topic for our Career Strategy & Job Search Webinar and it comes up on a regular basis.  We encourage you to start by dialing in, and ask your most pressing question.  You’ll get a straight answer from one of our trained coaches, and you’ll likely benefit from hearing other people’s questions answered as well.

If you prefer, you can get individualized attention from 6your own personal career coach, who will review your situation at no cost and offer some clear action steps to move you forward.  Simply fill out the contact form in the top right corner of this page or click here.

We’ll get right to work with you, creating a roadmap for social media success, and giving you direction about where to go for additional support.