I’m Having Trouble Getting Interviews

The Problem

UncertaintyWhatever you’re doing just isn’t working.  You have a resume that explains your professional skills and experience, but employers aren’t calling you in for an interview.  You may have even optimized your LinkedIn profile and other social media accounts, but it didn’t do any good.  Well-meaning friends and co-workers have probably told you to keep networking, and eventually you’ll catch a break.  If only it were that simple, you would have been hired already!

What Are They Thinking?

When you know you have the skills to do the job, but hiring managers won’t even listen to your story, it’s crazy-making.  Wouldn’t you love to crawl inside the brain of a manager or human resources professional and find out what exactly they want to see on your resume?  Without an understanding of what goes on behind the scenes to identify the top ten or fifteen candidates from a stack of hundreds of resumes, you’re like a blind person with a Rubix cube.  You can test and try all the variations of job-search tactics you want, but if “they” don’t like what you’ve done, you won’t ever get a shot at a face-to-face interview. 

Taking Action

rejected-resumeThe answers you need are right around the corner.  Our coaches include people who have worked as recruiters and hiring managers.  They’ll share their own perspectives with you, and teach you specific tactics to get you inside the head of your next boss … the one who has  your dream job sitting open right now and is waiting for someone to show him or her the right stuff.

You could be writing us the next note like this one:

“Just received an offer letter to become the new communications director at Pro Athletes Outreach. Public thanks to Steve Monte for invaluable coaching and resume optimization.”

Ken Hughes
Santa Clara, CA

Your Next Steps

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