Find Your Dream Job

And Learn How to Get Ahead Faster

A few years ago, at the height of the recession, Bryan and Alex were laid off from the same company.

The two were very much alike.  They had attended the same college, had the same amount of experience, and performed the same job for this company.  Both were devastated by their layoffs, but hoped to take advantage of the opportunity by moving into a different field.

Two years later, Bryan and Alex ran into each other in a coffee shop.  They still had a lot in common, but there was a major difference between their two jobs.  Alex was out of work for a year before accepting a lower-paying job in order to make ends meet.  The work was a bit dull — but his coworkers were nice and he was grateful just to have a steady paycheck.

Bryan, on the other hand, had been out of work for less than two months before landing a job he was really excited about — one that leveraged his existing skills, but also allowed him to develop some new technical skills in an area of his interest.  Bryan had been promoted twice since joining his new company — and his salary was almost double what it used to be.


What Made The Difference?

Have you ever wondered how two people with similar abilities can experience such different outcomes?  Why do some people seem to skate effortlessly through life, while others struggle just to keep up?

It’s not a matter of intelligence, education, ambition or even connections.

The difference lies in how well you’re able to see the game being played around you.

Alex conducted his job search exactly the way he’d been taught.

He searched job boards and applied to anything that looked interesting or relevant.  He sent out hundreds of resumes and spent hours filling out online applications and writing cover letters.  He went to networking events and carried business cards with him everywhere he went.

But as the rejections piled up, he began to widen his search … in more ways than one.  In addition to looking in neighboring cities, he compromised his own desires about the work he wanted to do.  By the time he finally landed something, he was grateful to have a job.  And he certainly didn’t feel like he was in a position to negotiate his salary.

Bryan, by contrast, knew how successful people actually find jobs.  He started interviewing friends and former coworkers who had the experience he was interested in.  Over a series of coffee dates, he identified the exact job title he wanted to have, and the sort of company where he wanted to work. Once he knew what he was shooting for, he reached out to his relevant contacts, and had some conversations about the best way to get into this new field.

Within a couple of weeks, he’d been introduced to six new people.  One of them mentioned an unadvertised job that would be coming open at her company, and sent an email introducing Bryan to the hiring manager.  Twelve days later, he had a new job offer on the table.


The Game Being Played Around You

 While the story above is hypothetical, the situations aren’t.  Every day this sort of scenario plays out in cities across the country.  Those who are aware of the game – and know the rules to follow – shift the odds dramatically in their favor.  Those who don’t, well, they end up on the losing end of the equation.

What about you? Are you like Bryan, hyper-aware of the game being played around you?  Or should we just start calling you “Alex”?

The typical job hunting advice just doesn’t reflect how people actually find jobs.  You can improve your odds by cracking into the hidden job market, and by using specific strategies designed to leverage what really works.

Imagine that while your competition is scrolling through listings on job boards, submitting applications for anything that looks decent, and sending resumes to everyone in their address book, you could be sipping coffee with hiring managers, making connections in the field, and gaining access to a vast, untapped market.

Right now, the roles might be reversed.  There may be other people getting job offers before you’ve even had a chance to applyAnd they’re negotiating higher salaries, better benefits, and more time off — even when the economy is bad and their industries are in a slump.

This isn’t happening because they’re better or smarter or more qualified than you.  It’s because they’re playing a different game.
If you have—

  • spent hours sifting through job boards online trying to find that one perfect job …
  • sent dozens (or hundreds) of resumes off into corporate HR systems, only to realize it’s like sailing a boat into the Bermuda Triangle …
  • interviewed dozens of times, only to receive vague form-letter rejections (if you’re lucky enough to hear back at all) …
  • accepted a salary lower than you wanted, just to survive …
  • felt that asking for a raise in this economy is out the question …
  • or ever told yourself that you’d take “any” job that came along…

…it can be maddening to think that others are gliding through their job searches, being invited to interview and receiving multiple offers for great-paying jobs.

It’s tempting to think that these people are somehow exceptional — that they’re particularly well-connected, well-educated, or even just luckier than most.

But they’re not.
They’re simply going about their search in an entirely different way.  What’s more, they’ve developed the habit of doing and thinking about their search in a way that lets them get results faster.

You can, too.And we can show you how.


How To Find Your Dream Job

Steve Monte

My name is Steve and I help people find better careers.

My name is Steve and I run a little company called Catch Your Big Break, where we help people find better jobs.

I started out — like a lot of us do — in a job that was shockingly underpaid.  I loved the job, but I knew I’d have to figure out how to get paid more money.

Fortunately, I didn’t buy into the idea that I’d have to pick between loving my job or making lots of money.  I knew I could do both, even though plenty of people were telling me otherwise.

So I got really strategic about the work I was doing and the skills I was adding to my professional tool set — so that people would be more likely to hire me.  And it worked. I managed to double my income in a just few years — and then I doubled it again.  And then again.

That was when I realized that I was onto something that most people weren’t aware of — and that it would be worth sharing.

I have 15 years of experience counseling and coaching people, so it wasn’t a huge leap for me.  I’ve worked as a hiring manager, too, so I know how the game is played.  I wanted to go beyond that though, and what our company did next is what brings clients from all over the country to learn from us.

We hired a team of researchers to work on our system.  I got them access to a gigantic research database at one of the best private universities in the country, and we looked at what’s scientifically proven to get people hired and paid.  I personally read through hundreds of pages of research.  We looked at thousands of people who got hired … and compared them with those who didn’t.  Tens of thousands of data points all led us to a few simple conclusions.  Certain strategies and tactics work over and over and over again, and others

… well, they just don’t get good results.  So you can beat your head against a wall if you’d like, or you can see for yourself what we put into our system, and what the evidence backs up:  the stuff that’s proven to help thousands of people find great jobs with the income, flexibility, and pure enjoyment that they’ve been searching for all along.

Look, I know that the hardest part of finding your dream job is learning to wrap your head around a whole new way of thinking.

For years you’ve been subjected to “expert” advice and not-so-subtle hints from well-meaning family members (thanks, Mom!) that encourage you to go down a well-worn and traditional path to success.  “Just keep your nose to the grindstone” they say.  “Hustle while you wait.”  When was the last time someone told you to jump off the hamster wheel?  When will someone advise you to take the red pill, escape the Matrix, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes?

I don’t believe that the nose-to-grindstone method is the best way to get ahead.  In fact, I’ve proved — in my own career and in my clients’ — that a different set of strategies will take you further, faster.  You don’t believe it either, or you wouldn’t be reading this page.

The truth is, I work one on one with my coaching clients, and I give them tailor-made recommendations to meet their needs. But there are some certain lessons I teach everyone because they flat-out work – over and over again, every single time. These lessons are the bedrock of The Dream Job System.  When my clients internalize this system— this way of thinking — their lives start to change.  Fast.

Are you ready for a change?

Let’s work together and make it happen.


Making It Happen

The Dream Job System walks you through all the major components of a job search, from defining the exact job you want, to crafting a resume, cover letter, interview responses, and even negotiating for “top performer” pay!

We’ll cover what you should be doing in your current job to increase your visibility and improve your chances at a promotion.

Every step of the way, we’ll be thinking strategically about how you can position yourself as the ideal candidate so you get hired, get promoted, and get paid.

Finding the right strategy for your job search is critical, because your strategy guides your day-to-day actions.  You get that for sure.

But don’t worry — I’ve got plenty of tactical advice for you, too.  Take a look at what you’ll learn:

MODULE 1: Job Search Secrets No One Is Telling

  • Recognize the game being played around you.
  • Develop the mindset required for success, and get super-clear on your goals and desires.
  • Learn the art of the informational interview, and how nine simple conversations can show you what direction to take your job search.
  • Discover how to focus your search, so you know the exact job titles you should target
  • Unveil the secrets to getting other people — even busy executives — to share the inside scoop on their jobs and industries

MODULE 2: Ace Your Interview

  • Learn how to prepare for an interview efficiently — without scripting answers to every possible question
  • Find out exactly how to answer the tough questions, and avoid silly mistakes that can destroy your chances of getting hired.
  • Hear about the three types of interview questions every candidate gets — and how to answer each one
  • Appear smart and perceptive when an interviewer asks if you have questions by avoiding the “herd response”
  • Identify the single most effective way to showcase your skills and accomplishments in an interview

MODULE 3: Makeover Your Marketing Materials

  • Recognize the differences between cover letters, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles
  • Learn the “divide and conquer” strategy for determining which unique items to put in each one to position yourself for success
  • Hear the secrets professionals use for writing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that stand out
  • Employ a 30-second technique for reviewing your resume to ensure that it hits all its marks
  • Never wonder again whether your resume is “good enough” to get the job done when you focus on two specific items

MODULE 4: Hiring Triggers

  • Discover how to get inside your future boss’s head and influence the hiring decision as it’s being made
  • Learn what your future boss is really looking for — and how you can convey it.
  • Avoid the moment after a final-round interview when the #2 candidate gets told “close, but not quite” — this is the module
    you must use to prevent that from happening again and again.
  • Get stuff in this module that I’ve never heard another career coach teach.  We had to go straight to university-level
    researchers in order to get it ourselves.

MODULE 5: Salary Negotiation Made Simple

  • How to negotiate for the “top performer” pay to go along with your dream job
  • Simple steps that even a complete idiot could take to improve their negotiating skills, but most people haven’t even
    discovered yet
  • 7 advanced negotiating tactics to take you from pretender to pro … literally overnight
  • Make thousands more each year with a successful salary negotiation, using steps that your boss will never tell you.
    This is a no-fluff, no filler lesson designed to get you serious results. Period.

BONUS 1:  The 41 Job Search Questions Everyone’s Asking Right Now & The Answers You’re Waiting to Hear

Get thorough, no-nonsense answers to real questions in this 53-page e-book.

  • How to address an employment gap
  • Where to get a reference if you’ve been fired
  • How to put together a cover letter that gets you in the door
  • How to get your resume to the top of the pile and keep it there
  • How to access the hidden market of unposted, unadvertised jobs
  • How to connect with head-hunters, recruiters, and hiring managers
  • How to transition to a new career


BONUS #2: Career Strategy Q&A Call Sample

Listen in on one of our interactive group calls and get additional ideas, insights, and tactics for conducting your job search.Discover what happens when job-seekers get together to ask smart questions and get good answers.  (HINT: everybody wins.)


What’s In The Box

When you order The Dream Job System, you’ll receive a 60-page full-color, spiral-bound Career Strategy workbook with:

  • A welcome letter containing step-by step instructions about what to do first, then second, then third … to connect all the dots and reach your goals
  • PowerPoint slides for each learning module, with plenty of room to take notes as you follow along with the audio recordings (below)
  • The complete collection of worksheets and checklists that all your friends will want to get their hands on

PLUS, you’ll also receive 10 CDs that contain:

  • An audio edition of my book, Catch Your Big Break, plus Kindle and other e-reader versions.
  • The audio recordings for all five modules listed above
  • A data disk with transcripts of each module and electronic versions of every worksheet and checklist, so you can print them out over and over again
  • The 41 Job Search Questions e-book bonus
  • The full “Bonus #2” Q&A call to show you exactly how the magic happens here

* Please note that this is a physical product.  When you get your hands on this, you won’t want to put it down until you’ve taken action.  It’s too easy in this day and age to buy digital products to help you learn the how to’s of anything you could possibly imagine.  Unfortunately, it’s just as easy for those products to get lost on your hard drive somewhere.  Then they’re as worthwhile as the paper they’re printed on … oh, yeah … nothing! 


Your Investment

The Dream Job System is the most complete package we’ve ever released — it walks you start to finish through the entire job search process and lands you in your dream job, even if you’re not quite sure what your dream job is.

If you were to hire one of our career coaches to guide you through this process, you could spend thousands of dollars.  But with The Dream Job System, you’ll get our expertise and experience at a fraction of the cost.

We’re charging just $299 for the entire Dream Job system — all five modules, the workbook, and both bonuses.  That’s everything you need to know and do in order to land the job of your dreams.  We’ll even pay the shipping for you.

Compare that to the cost of your other alternatives for getting this business handled.

    • Go back to school and get a better degree:  Still $1,000 or more per semester for a cheap, online program that grants degrees few hiring managers take seriously.  Better schools?  Much more money.  Then there’s the 2-4 years of your life you’ll spend in class … only to get out and still be subject to the “hiring game” that you’re incrementally better at playing.
    • Hire a coach.  Most of them will shuffle you off into a routine of one-on-one coaching sessions at $150 a pop, but few of them will give you spiral-bound notebooks and hours of coaching on CD.  Don’t get us wrong.  We think coaching can be very valuable.  But what are you left with after the sessions are done?  A bill for hundreds (or thousands) of bucks.  If you’re leaving your coaching sessions empty-handed … why?
  • Do-It-Yourself.  It sure is cheaper … if you ignore the value of your time and the opportunity cost.  I spent a decade learning these lessons, and four years putting them together in a system.  You can find a fraction of this stuff on the internet … if you know exactly which needle you’re looking for in the haystack of information out there.  Ask the smartest people you know, while you’re at it.  Take them out to lunch and pick their brains.  Getting the smartest and most successful people to accept your invitation is difficult, especially when you don’t know the secrets we teach here at Catch Your Big Break.  With a little persistence you’ll succeed, though.  Maybe even before you retire.  Congratulations.  You’ve reinvented the wheel.

Look, I’m not going to tell you what to do.  You’re an adult and you can make these kinds of decisions for yourself.  I just wanted to lay out the options for you.

Before I go, I want you to keep in mind that this $299 we’re talking about is an investment in yourself.  With the education you get, you’re virtually guaranteed to see the payoff in better job opportunities, more benefits, and maybe even a bigger salary.  Heck, if you use just a few of the tips in our salary negotiation lesson, you could potentially make double or triple your money back in the in the first month on your new job.

(Every lawyer I know is screaming in my head right now that I need to make a disclaimer about this “investment.”  I’m not a licensed financial planning professional, and you don’t get any particular rate of return on your investment.  The system works if you do, and I won’t insult your intelligence by belaboring the point.)

This complete system is worth way more than $299, but we love our clients and we’ve never put all this stuff together in a single, easy-to-use format like this before.  So, we’re kind of excited to get this into your hands and we want to make it super-easy on you.  Here’s the bargain-basement discount you get if you’re one of the next 25 people to buy it. 

Snag your copy today and you’ll get the entire Dream Job System for our introductory rate of just $299 $199.
We’ll probably never offer this again, and at least one of my own coaches would yell at me for offering it this low in the first place.  So get it before I take this offer down or it’s sold out.


Our Guarantee


For years, I’ve used the Dream Job methods to teach clients how to find work they love.  I’ve delivered this training live in group settings,so I know that people like it and they get good results with what they’ve learned.

I’m confident that you’ll get good results, too,so I want to make this purchase a no-brainer for you.

The Dream Job System comes with 60-day, money-back guarantee.  Take two full months to review the training program.  You can even implement it and observe the results you get. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply box it up and send it back.  We’ll refund every cent you paid — guaranteed.
When you consider the costs of going another month — or another year — in a job you don’t love, at a salary that’s too low…
…you can’t afford to put off finding your dream job any longer.



Coach Steve