How To Get A Job Fast – Part 1

get-job-fast1There’s a fairly predictable formula for getting a job fast.  You get crystal clear about the kind of job you want, you get word out to as many people as possible that you’re looking for that work, and you position yourself as the ideal candidate.  Then the right person notices you, or so the thinking goes, and gives you a chance to do the work you love.  If you catch a really big break, you’ll even get paid big bucks to get it done.  The problem is, trying to act on a simple formula like that leaves a lot to chance.  There are a lot of details that go into working that formula to perfection.  That’s where I come it.

I’m a professional business and career coach with many years working as a healthcare manager, and I’ve partnered with an HR recruiter from a major NYC investment bank to teach people step-by-step what they need to do to get a job fast.  I break down the steps needed to identify your target companies, send out targeted resumes, give perfect answers to resume questions, and more.

The truth is, hard work and commitment alone aren’t going to get the job done.  You may be working your butt off thinking that just because you pay the price, someone will notice you and give you a chance.  Life doesn’t work that way.  There are lots of people out there who are committed and working hard toward the same goal, and there are a fixed number of jobs available out there.  You need to work smarter, and you need to take advantage of other people’s experience.  Some of us have been there and done that so many times that it’s second nature.

In coming posts, I’ll explain exactly how I coach people to get jobs fast and negotiate great salaries while they’re at it.  I’ll share with you some “cheap-to-free” resources to help you along the way, and I’ll offer you my personal time and attention to accomplish your goals.