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Dear Career Seeker:

Feeling… a little stuck?

  • Whether you’re looking for a new job…
  • Hoping to switch careers or companies…
  • Or looking to advance with your current employer…

It’s all too easy to sit back and wait to be recognized. After all, this is how we’ve been taught to manage our careers…

  • Keep your nose to the grindstone, in hopes that the higher ups will recognize and reward your efforts …
  • While sending out lots of resumes to hedge your bets … because maybe some other company will notice your skills and give you your shot at being the boss.
  • So you pay your dues, hoping that you’ll catch someone’s eye — and that they’ll give you chance to do something bigger and better.

You work long, hard hours — so that you’ll be ready for your big break when it comes along.

You’re handling your career how most people handle theirs. And it CAN work —

— but it can take years. It’s DESIGNED to take years. And during those years, you’ll sacrifice your leisure time, your energy, maybe even your relationships, your health, and your happiness.

What if no one notices your hard work? What if takes years longer than you expected? What if the economy tanks (again) and you get laid off? What if, ten years from now, you wake up to find that you’ve spent your life chasing a goal that no longer means anything to you?

What if life passes you by while you’re inching your way up the corporate ladder?

Every once in awhile, you wonder why you don’t just opt out of the rat race. Why not settle for a decent job and middle-of-the-road income, so that you can enjoy your social life, your family, and your free time.

Plenty of people opt for one of these two choices. Some dedicate years to pursuing a rewarding career and monetary gain, at the cost of their personal interests and relationships. Others sacrifice a rewarding career in order to preserve a fulfilling personal life. I call them suckers!

What If You Could Pursue A Rewarding Career That
Doesn’t Require Years of Sacrifice?

Wake up to reality! You CAN have a fulfilling career and maintain a healthy work-life balance. You can find a new job, land a big promotion — and do it in months, rather than years.

You see, most people — even those who are working exceptionally hard — are running their careers on autopilot. They believe they’re on a “career path” and that by working harder, they’ll move forward on that path.

They’re waiting for someone else to offer them an opportunity.

Active job-seekers do the same things. They think there’s a path … first you find a job posting, then you submit a resume, then you get an interview and eventually a great job offer. They’re waiting for a hiring manager to magically recognize their worth.

That’s why some people spend months – or years – on the job market – and even longer in dead-end jobs.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

High Performers Follow A
Completely Different Career Path

Top performers in every industry, at every stage of their careers, do things differently.

  • They don’t wait to be noticed; they reach out to those who can help them on their way.
  • They don’t apply to any open job; they establish clear career goals and cultivate a network of people who can help them find the right position.
  • They don’t wait for their big break; they position themselves so that they’re the only logical choice for new opportunities.

Managing your career this way isn’t easy. You have to some things that aren’t that comfortable, make tough choices, and be really, truly honest with yourself. You have to get real.

It isn’t easy, but it is simple and straightforward. Once you understand the real rules of the game, you’ll understand intuitively how to find a rewarding, enjoyable career that meets your financial and lifestyle goals.

My Career Strategy Starter Kit will set you on your way.

How I Can Help You Catch Your Big Break

Steve Monte

My name is Steve and I help people find better careers.

My name is Steve and I help people find better careers. I’ve been a hiring manager myself. I’ve mentored and coaching clients for more than 15 years. My most successful clients land jobs as managers, leaders, and executives, while learning to maintain a fulfilling work-life balance.

But my clients don’t just find new jobs. They transform their lives. We work together to set big, audacious goals — and then I guide them along a path to achieving those goals.

I’ve taught hundreds of professionals how to successfully reshape their lives and careers. And I’ve developed a simple, 7-step process that helps my clients reinvent themselves in new roles, new careers, and new industries.

7 Steps to Land Your Dream Job & Get Ahead in Your Career

The Career Strategy Starter Kit teaches you my seven-step system for getting ahead in your career.

You’ll learn big picture stuff — like how to develop the mindsets and habits you need for long-term success. Plus you’ll receive actionable advice and tactics you can use immediately.

You’ll discover:

  • The common piece of career advice that every other coach seems to be “selling” – even though it can limit your options … and your future
  • The 2 types of goal-setters — and the pitfalls facing each
  • 8 guidelines for setting goals that inspire you to greatness
  • How to discover a career that fits your personality like a glove
  • How to ensure you always have new opportunities on the horizon
  • How to develop a network of people to help you explore a new career, prepare for a promotion, and find an unadvertised job opening
  • How to position yourself so recruiters and job offers come to you
  • How you can turn your LinkedIn profile into a magnet for new opportunities

And when you implement what you’ve learned, you’ll be amazed at the results. Find a career you enjoy, that plays to your strengths. Get paid more for doing things you love. Put yourself on a path to achieving the goals that really matter to you.

And do it all while preserving your work-life balance. Spend time with your family, and enjoy vacations, leisure time, hobbies, and social life.

The Career Strategy Starter Kit includes two e-books to help you launch your new career strategy:

1. My book, Catch Your Big Break: 7 Steps to Get The Job You Want and Get Ahead in Your Career.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 08.45.16


“Catch Your Big Break delivers relevant, actionable advice for those who want to climb the corporate ladder. The people I see achieving success in today’s workforce are following these steps.”

Beth Adamson
Head of HR for Rothschild North America



“This is a fantastic book for young professionals who want to catch a break without breaking their back. Steve spells out the smart way to get ahead, and he’s a guy who knows how to get it done. Don’t leave a single page unread!”

Raymond Aaron
New York Times Bestselling Author


Amazon reviews of Catch Your Big Break:

“Steve really knows his stuff. What I like about this book was it takes us as the reader right from setting the goals through to positioning yourself to win and then how to take action and stand out of the pile.”

“His thoughts on accountability and selective relationship-building alone are worth the investment of the book.”

“Steve has written a succinct yet powerful book here. His style is personal and engaging, his advice practical and “to the heart.” The questions that need answering toward the end of certain chapters force the reader to take action toward achieving his goals. By far the best short book I’ve read this year.”

2. How to Write A Killer LinkedIn Profile…and 18 Mistakes to Avoid, by my colleague Brenda Bernstein

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 08.45.31

Brenda is an expert in the art of crafting a LinkedIn profile that gets attention. Her coaching clients often get attention from recruiters and hiring managers as soon as they update their profiles — and quite a few land new jobs in a just a few weeks.

You’ll learn exactly how to develop a profile that generates an impact — and, just as importantly, you’ll learn the 18 things you should never do on LinkedIn.

Brenda’s advice is clear, concise, and to the point. She’ll show you, step-by-step, how to turn your LinkedIn profile into apersonal advertisement that potential employers can’t resist.

“Many people are beginning to truly understand the strategic networking power of LinkedIn, but it’s surprising how few have adopted good habits when constructing and maintaining their LinkedIn profiles. Personal branding and sending a concise message to people who visit your profile is critical. Brenda Bernstein’s e-book holds key profile strategies and important tips on avoiding networking pitfalls. As a LinkedIn trainer myself, it’s good to know I have a resource like this for my clients to help them after they’ve left my classroom.” – Michael Phelps, LinkedIn Trainer, Milwaukee, WI

“I just love this new book! It absolutely addresses topics no one else has and that people should be paying attention to. It hits the bulls-eye on making LinkedIn work the way it’s intended!” – Larry Megugorac, Sales Executive, Brentwood, CA

“I have read How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Profile a few times now, and it has truly alerted me to the power of words, the use and turn of language, and the positioning power that I can master and take advantage of as I transition into my next job opportunity. I appreciated the knowledge and hands-on expertise Ms. Bernstein has laid out in these pages and honestly wanted more at the end of the book.” – Luisa Michel, CFA, Columbia University MBA, St. Louis, MO

I especially appreciated the step-by-step instructions for changing certain parts of the profile. It’s funny, but after the work I did yesterday, I had seven hits from colleagues who were seeing me “surface” again. – Will

How Will These 5 Bonuses Guide

You Along The Path To Success?

In addition to these two ebooks — which contain some of the best advice Brenda and I have to offer — you’ll also receive 5 stellar bonuses.

You’ll get:

  • Brenda’s profile completion checklist to How to Write A Killer LinkedIn Profile

    A comprehensive, 25-item checklist that will ensure your LinkedIn profile is in top form. Check off every item on this list, and you can be confident that your profile will attract the attention of your desired audience.

  • My complete list of self-assessment tools … and places you can get them cheap to free online.

    Position yourself as a top earner and influencer by understanding your own personality, leadership abilities, goal-setting style, and workplace behavior. These self-assessment tools will help you develop a clear understanding of how to best achieve your goals.

  • My Goal-Setting and Commitment Worksheet.

    Develop measurable goals you can attain — and hold yourself accountable for achieving them with this Commitment Worksheet

  • 10 Common Interview Questions

    When the interviewer asks to you to “tell us a little bit about yourself,” are you showcasing your best qualities — or inadvertently disqualifying yourself? Set yourself apart from other candidates with this guide to persuasively answering 10 common interview questions.

  • Certificate for a FREE 45-Minute Consultation with a Career Strategy Coach

    In the course of your consultation, you’ll receive actionable recommendations for landing your dream job and getting paid more to do what you love.

  • How to develop a network of people to help you explore a new career, prepare for a promotion, and find an unadvertised job opening
  • How to position yourself so recruiters and job offers come to you
  • How you can turn your LinkedIn profile into a magnet for new opportunities.
    • Get your resume to the top of the pile
    • Position yourself as a leader
    • Discover the secrets to interviewing like a pro
    • Make businesses line up to hire you
    • Negotiate top-performer pay

“Catch Your Big Break lays it all out simply, concisely and systematically. Read it.”

Sam Carpenter
author of Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less


Our coaches normally charge $150 or more per hour for their time — but as part of this very special offer, you’ll get 45 minutes of expert advice absolutely FREE with your purchase The Career Strategy Starter Kit.

Helping people move into their ideal careers is my life’s work — and I want to help anyone who’s willing to action.

That’s why I’m offering The Career Strategy Starter Kit at a price that’s affordable for anyone — just $10.

If you were to buy my book and Brenda’s book on Amazon, you’d pay almost $20 — so already you’re getting one of these valuable books for free. But you’ll also get all these bonuses — including the ABSOLUTELY FREE 45-minute Consultation with a Career Strategy Coach.

That’s already a great deal — but I feel confident that the value you’ll get from these materials — not to mention the targeted, one-on-one consultation — will FAR exceed $10.

After all, what you learn in your consultation session could help you negotiate a hefty raise…secure a promotion… find a better job…move into senior management… or move into a career that provides the emotional rewards and work-life balance that you deserve. That’s worth one heck of a lot more than $10!

Just click the button below to get your Career Strategy Starter Kit. You’ll receive immediate access to both books and all the bonus materials.


My No-Risk Guarantee

I don’t think you’ll find information like this anywhere else – especially not at this price. In fact, I’m so confident that you’ll be blown away by The Career Strategy Starter Kit, that I’m offering a 100% no-risk guarantee.

If you’re in any way unhappy with any element of the kit, simply let me know. I’ll refund your full purchase price – no questions asked. And both books are yours to keep.

Just click the button below to get started.

To your success!

Coach Steve 

PS — If you don’t take action today, what will your life look like in 10 years? In 20? Can you afford to continue on in your current position – overworked, undervalued, and secretly – even painfully – wishing for more?

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“If you aspire to live a life on your own terms the ideas found in this book will help you do just that. If you’ll apply the knowledge shared the sky is limit for you! Read it, use it, and be better for it!”

Josh Hinds
speaker, entrepreneur, and author of It’s your life, LIVE BIG!


“Catch Your Big Break provides a unique blend of timeless wisdom and cutting edge strategies for succeeding at work. If you want to make the big bucks, follow these steps.”

Chris Widener
author of The Art of Influence and The Leadership Rules,


“Steve firmly believes, as I do, that a flourishing and fulfilling career does not require you to sacrifice family, friends and health as so many have done. ‘Catch Your Big Break’ will encourage you to execute 7 specific steps, backed by thoughtful risk, so you can achieve a transformational and successful life. I highly recommend this book and encourage you to take the first step….risk the certainty of your current circumstances for the possibility of a remarkable and thriving future.”

Dr. Jon Wallace
President of Azusa Pacific University


“Steve is more than just a personal life coach… he’s the Monday-morning jolt of caffeine that most of us need when it comes to making life change. ‘Catch Your Big Break’ is a brilliant work that challenges your thinking and shakes some paradigms when it comes to not only finding the job you want… but also loving it. ‘Catch Your Big Break’ should be on the top of your reading to-do list if you’re looking for change!!”

Jon Talbert
Speaker… Humanitarian… Motivator