Worth Every Dollar

jose-blanc-jr“I was about to graduate from college and I wasn’t 100% sure which way to go with my career. I decided to try coaching to see if someone could steer me in the right direction. Steve made it so easy with his free “Get To Know Me” session and a copy of his book. Not only did we work together to plan a specific career path, but he brought together all the pieces in my head and gave me a complete system for getting hired to do what I love. The top two companies I was targeting both offered me a job, and I’m still amazed at how well everything came together. His coaching was worth every dollar I paid for it. Don’t wait another minute to contact Steve and put him to work helping you!”

Jose Blanc, Jr.
Financial Representative
Fidelity Investments

Hired At My #1 Company

Check out this happy client“Working with Steve as much coach was a big part of what got me hired at the #1 company I wanted to work for.  He helped me focus on just a few companies, and I landed an interview using the networking tips he showed me.  For the interview, he was able to take what I was trying to say, and re-phrase everything in a way that really resonated with my hiring managers.  The interviewer literally asked questions Steve prepared me for.  I used the answers we came up with together, and I got the exact reaction that I wanted.  Thanks, Steve, for helping me land the job!”

Portland, OR

Taking It to the Bank

craig-gorman“Steve, being coached does pay off, all the way to the bank. Because of being coached, even in a bad economy with everything that happened this year, my income for 2012 was 65% better than in 2011. In a single month (August 2012), I made it into the top 1% of all real estate agents at my company for total commissions earned on home sales. Number 11 out of 2100 agents is not too shabby. I hope you can use this to inspire others.”

Craig Gorman, Realtor
Intero Real Estate Services, www.Cgorman.com
San Jose, CA


ken-hughes“Just received an offer letter to become the new communications director at Pro Athletes Outreach. Public thanks to Steve Monte for invaluable coaching and resume optimization.”

Ken Hughes
Santa Clara, CA

Good Strategy

damion-caldwell“Steve, Thank you for helping me create the strategic approach to inform high school programs about my business of mentoring student athletes throughout the matriculation process. I especially appreciate you listening to my vision and translating the information into a sound marketing position. Your mentorship was exactly what I needed at that specific time, and I look forward to working with you in the near future.”

Damion Caldwell
Co-Founder, Walkthrough, Inc.
Half Moon Bay, CA

This Was Valuable

bonnie-d“Thank You!! This was valuable, and I am inspired and fired up about job hunting, where before I felt the opposite.”

Bonnie D.
workshop attendee

From An Accomplished Leader

Ray Pic 2

“When my company got bought out, my position as senior vice president was eliminated along with several other top management positions. I spent a couple of weeks in shock, and another week fiddling with my resume before deciding I needed help. I looked at a number of ads for career counselors and coaches, but Steve’s stuck out. His reviews online were solid, and his introductory offer made it easy to say yes. From the start, Steve provided extremely good value. He collaborated with me to update my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. I learned what to say, and most importantly what not to say when connecting with potential employers. Steve helped me get over some of my own worries about my job search, and understand the value I provide as an accomplished leader. He even helped me put together a pitch deck that ultimately landed me my new job. I’ve already recommended Steve to a couple of family friends, and I know he can help you too!”

Ray Riordan
SF Bay Area, California

Ask For Anything

“Melinda told me that I could ask for anything once, even when I’d already received a competitive offer.  I took her advice, communicating various compensation components I would be leaving on the table, while expressing my enthusiasm for the position.  I walked away with a total compensation increase from the original offer of over 25%.  Melinda delivers honest advice and gives examples of how to deliver your message professionally and respectfully.  She also prepped me for various outcomes which greatly increased my confidence going into the negotiation process.”
Boston, MA

I’m definitely signing up for more

Dorie E
workshop attendee

Good Return on Investment

“Steve, I just wanted to let you know that I just got a job working for a Fortune 100 company making more money than I did in my last role. I’m so glad I made the decision to work with you because the investment really paid off! Your free report “10 Popular Interview Questions and How to Answer Them” helped me a lot, too. You taught me exactly what to expect during the interview, you gave me the words to say, and gave me a level of self-confidence that impressed my new boss. Thanks for helping me land my new job.”

Administrative Professional
SF Bay Area, California

You Rock!

“Steve, You rock. Thanks for being a bad ass and for helping me out. You had a clear idea of the ‘abstract, transient artist’ way of thinking that I was looking for, and I really could tell your advice was from the heart. Thanks!”

Cris Edwards
Charlottesville, VA


“Steve, Thank you for being our guest speaker at the NASW San Jose unit brunch. I enjoyed learning about your inspirational story on how you’ve progressed up your career ladder. Your presentation provided many personal examples and helped create a welcoming and interactive environment for everyone. You shared some interesting perspectives on career development that I recommend others to try out who are looking to find that rekindle in their careers.”

Chris Lum, chair
National Association of Social Workers
San Jose Unit

“Leading others towards a common goal”

“Steve Monte is a passionate and dedicated servant leader who brings his expertise, organizational skills and strong work ethic in leading others toward a common goal.”

Debbie McDonald
San Jose, CA


“Steve, I wanted to take the time to formally thank you for your presentation. I especially appreciated the fact that you stayed current, relevant, and concise. The immediate applicability of the information you provided has not only helped me professionally, but my clients are the direct recipients of my newly acquired skills, and that is most important. I thank you, my current and future clients thank you, and I look forward to attended future presentations, talks, or workshops you are a part of.”

Sharon Mensah
MFT Intern
Santa Clara County Mental Health Department

Thank You, Steve!

“Steve is a great speaker who is thorough, engaging with the audience and makes trainings very enjoyable. The information he presents is very useful and relevant. You should consider booking him for your event.”

Alejandra Alvarez
MSW intern
Santa Clara County Mental Health Department

A “Go To” Kind of Guy

Steve has been extremely helpful in helping us get better organized and more effective in how we serve our community. Steve not only manages details very well, but does so with the ‘big picture’ in mind. He understands that details are not an end of themselves but are driven by the mission of an organization. He is a ‘go to’ kind of guy.

Joel King
Westgate Church